CPR and First Aid Instruction

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Swim and Scuba offers CPR and First Aid Instruction on two levels.

The Emergency First Response (EFR) program offers Primary and Secondary Care CPR and First Aid training that includes subsets of AED and Child and Infant care.  EFR is a total first aid system for the lay first responder, babysitter/nanny, office health and safety officer, and boy and girl scout troops.  It covers all aspects of first responder training in a single course.  EFR Courses are recognized as meeting the ILCOR and Heart Association Standards.


Emergency First Response Training (click here for more)

8 hours $129.00 plus Books and first aid tools

The second program is a First Aid series of courses designed specifically for divers and dive professionals from the Divers Alert Network (DAN) - an internationally recognized public safety organization.  While offering not just courses for the diver but also the dive professional and Healthcare Provider professional, DAN programs are in-depth and customized to focus on the unique aspects of the marine industry and individual components of emergency critical care.  In addition to ILCOR and Heart Association certification, their programs are recognized by OSHA and the US Coast Guard as maritime and professional level first aid programs.

 Divers Alert Network Training

CPR and First Aid Instruction

Oxygen Provider, Neurological Evaluation, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, First Aid & CPR and AED, First Aid for Diving Professionals, CPR for Healthcare Professionals, Dive Medicine, Dive Emergency Management and Dive Emergency Specialist.

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Prices vary from $99-$299 plus books and first aid tools