Scuba For Children

Bubblemaker - Introductory Scuba for Children


Cost $ 100
Classroom 45 min
Pool 1 hr
Dives None RequiredP-7023200-L
The bubblemaker experience is designed to allow kids a chance to dip into the exciting world of scuba diving. It provides an opportunity to try the sport while closely supervised in a controlled environment. This allows the child time to acclimate and the instructor will be able to recommend a course of action to get the child involved in scuba. Options after the Bubblemaker experience depend on age and maturity. sealteam_logo«4c_07_smlChildren under ten have the option of joining the Seal Team and beginning their scuba experiences in the pool. Children older than ten can enroll in a standard Junior Open Water Diver class, but may opt to continue in the Seal Team program because of its slower pace and and generally smaller class size.P-7023188-L