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Summer 2015 Scuba Classes Schedule

The Calendar on the Main page is constantly being updated.   Please check for current class offerings and call for availability.



Open Water Classes - We offer Open Water classes on either Monday & Wednesday evenings, or Tuesday & Thursday evenings, or Sunday mornings.   The course consists of 5 pool session (or 3 longer sessions on Sundays).   To complete your certification, 4 Open Water dives (over 2 days) are required.  

Advanced Open Water Class-  Advanced Open Water training requires 5 Adventure Dives usually over a period of 2 to 3 days.   Advanced Certification is a great way to experience difference areas of Scuba Diving whereby you can choose to take Specialty classes to further your training.   Advanced Certification is frequently required when Travelling to many Dive Destinations.

Rescue Class - Rescue Class is often referred to as being the best training a diver can experience.   Pre-requisites for training include current level CPR/First Aid Training (Emergency First Response), and 3 Adventure Dives including navigation (or Advanced Certification).  It is required for Professional level Scuba Certifications.    5 pool sessions and 1 or 2 days of Open Water Training.   Offered twice during the summer/fall scuba season.

Emergency First Response (Rescue Prerequisite) Training - 8 hours of classroom training over 2 nights.  Offered Monthly or Bi-Monthly depending on the season.

We are constantly expanding our course offerings.  Specialty training is currently available on request for the following courses:   Nitrox Diver, Equipment Specialist, Dry Suit Specialist, Underwater Navigator, Peak Performance Bouyancy, Search & Recovery Diver, Night Diver, and Project Aware.

Please call for availability.



June - September

Dutch Springs Diving, Ponoquogue Bridge and local Dive Boat Diving is currently scheduled through our Dive club:  Broadway Divers.   Please call the shop so you can join us!

Dutch Springs weekends are advertised on our calendar.

Dive Boats: Schedule: TBA (so far, USS SanDiego, Stolt Dagali, USS Bass or U853, and Oregon are planned)




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