Open Water Scuba Diver Training

Open Water Diver Certification



The Open Water Diver Certification is the starting point for millions of divers worldwide. The course teaches the basic skills and equipment that a diver needs to start exploring the underwater world. Once certified you are certified for life. Periodic refreshers are suggested if you do not dive on a regular basis. The scheduling is very flexible and you can begin at any time. We offer private and semi-private sessions and well as our standard class which accommodates only four to six students per session. The small class size in the pool insures that you get the utmost attention from our instructors and their assistants. The class environment will be exciting and fun allowing you to complete your requirements easily. The Certification process at Swim and Scuba is done in three parts, signing up and the eLearning class, pool sessions, and finally the open water training.

Signing up is easy and flexible:

PADI eLearning: is convenient and easy! You study in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Scroll down to the PADI eLearning Banner below and register for the on-line Open Water Scuba Course.
 Once you have completed the course, print the PADI eLearning Record and bring it into the store. You will take a short quiz, purchase your mask, fins, snorkel ,booties, compass and log book. All other equipment that you will need for the pool sessions are supplied with the course.

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PADI eLearning

The home study eLearning portion of the class is what allows us to be so flexible in our schedule. You can move at your own pace and only do as much at once as you feel comfortable with. The average person spends a two week period completing the home study eLearning requirement.

Cost: $185.00  -paid to PADI via website- (pool fees separate)

Standard Class - We also offer traditional classroom learning that is fun and informative.  For those who do not want to use online lessons or would prefer hands-on in classroom instruction, the Standard class provides all the lessons required to complete your Open Water training.  You'll learn Dive Physiology, Scuba Equipment and its use, Dive Tables & Dive Planning, and a review of Underwater ecology and environmental conditions. 

Our instructors have decades of experience and our sessions are easy to follow.  The Open Water Crew pack contains all the material you need for the Standard class. To book your Standard Class please call shop and speak with Steve or email us at:

Cost: $200.00 plus books (pool fees separate)


Pool Sessions

This portion of the Training occurs here at our facility. It features five 3hr pool sessions and (a total of 15 hrs. of supervised instruction). We keep the class size limited to six students so each is able to get the most attention from our instructors and divemasters. Pool sessions begin at 7pm on weeknights and are typically over by 10pm. During the pool sessions you will be supervised and instructed by highly experienced instructors and Divemasters. You will practice and master all of the skills you learned about during your eLearning or classroom experience. The atmosphere created by our instructors will be fun and hassle free. Our goal is to create divers who love to dive, as much as we do! You will need to purchase your personal equipment: Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots and Log book. All other equipment is supplied by us and included in the cost of the pool sessions.

Cost is:  

$250.00/ group lessons over 5 nights

$300.00/ semi-private over 3 nights
$400.00/private lessons ( 1 day from 9am to 3pm week days only)


Open Water Training

Open Water Training is required to receive a certification. You have one full year to complete the training after you complete your class and pool sessions. You are free to go anywhere in the world to complete your training. For students wishing to travel: We will provide the appropriate referral form and documentation. However we also offer a direct referral program to connect you with a PADI dive facility and arrange your Open Water dives for $50.00 For students wishing to complete their training with Swim and Scuba: we offer these training dives most often between May and November. Training may be done off-season in a drysuit for a nominal fee and extra evening of training. Our Open Water training sites include Dutch Springs in Bethlehem PA,  Beach 8th St. in Far Rockaway, Oak Beach on Long Island.


$300.00 /group ( Local) - $350.00 (Dutch Springs P.A.) 

With your own Gear

$250.00/group ( Local) - $300.00 ( Dutch Springs P.A.)

All gear supplied  except personal gear and hood & gloves

$400/private  - all gear supplied  except personal gear and hood & gloves


Don't forget to come in to the shop and get your personal scuba gear! All students must purchase a mask, fins, snorkel and fin-boots.  We have a wide variety of gear to choose from!

Also remember your towel and bathing suit!