Pool Membership


Swim and Scuba

Pool Membership benefits:

   Priority registration for classes

   Reduced prices for classes

   Post lesson practice time

   Eligibility for Swim Visits*

   Discounts for parties

   Discounts at the SCUBA shop


Swim and Scuba offers a wide variety of activities for both youth and adult members.  Included are swim team, swim lessons, scuba and exercise.  The classes provide fun opportunities for fitness, water safety, and recreational swimming for all ages, including adults and seniors as well as Aerobic programs and Mommy and Me Infant classes.  We offer classes that range from basic swimming lessons through lifeguard instructor training.

The Long Island area has many options to teach your child how to swim, but there is only one place to really immerse them int he aquatic world- Swim and Scuba.  With a variety of great instructors, diverse classes, individual attention and a true commitment to excellence, Swim and Scuba is your one stop shop for gear, training, and in-house aquatics learning.


Membership fees:

First person (Swimmers)                                $400 (includes 10 Guest Passes)

Each Additional Family member                   $100 (Visits shared among family members )


First person (Swim Students)                         $150

Each additional person                                   $130

4-10 years old                                                 $100

Under 4 years                                                  $35




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