Ocean Conservation

Ocean Conservation

Project AWARE Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet – one dive at a time.

Over the past two decades of underwater conservation we’ve learned that divers are true leaders in ocean protection. We’re ocean heroes numbering in the millions across the globe. We believe together our actions will make a huge impact and will help to rescue the ocean.

With new programs and more online resources than ever before, Project AWARE supports an unprecedented global movement of divers acting in their own communities to protect oceans and implement lasting change.

We’re focusing in on two major ocean issues –Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris, or trash in our ocean. Truly, there are many conservation issues converging on our ocean planet at once, but we’re concentrating on these serious problems where scuba divers are uniquely positioned to directly and positively affect real, long-term change in these two areas.

Together, we’re re-thinking what’s possible and sharing a positive vision for our ocean future. Get ready for the work ahead by joining the movement of thousands of divers to protect our ocean planet.

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Coral Reef Alliance  

Mission: to keep the world's coral reefs alive.

Actions:  works with the dive industry, governments, local communities, and other organizations to protect and manage coral reefs, fund conservation efforts, and raise public awareness.


NOAA The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Coral Reef Information System

Mission:  to provide data derived from NOAA programs and projects...access to aerial photos, tide stations, navigational charts, coral reef monitoring, bleaching reports, and more


The Nature Conservancy

Mission: to preserve the earth's last great places.


The Ocean Conservancy (formerly the Center for Marine Conservation)

Mission:  to protect ocean ecosystems

One of many actions:  Organize and administer the Annual International Coastal Cleanup.



Ocean Futures - a merger of the Jean-Michel-Cousteau Institute and the Free Willy Keiko Foundation

Mission: to provide a global forum for exploring issues affecting the ocean, its inhabitants, and its habitats

One of many actions: Time-Depth Recorder research collects data (diving, swimming speed, range, rest patterns and migration) for various kinds of whales


REEF - Reef Environmental Educational Foundation.  

Mission: to educate and enlist divers in the conservation of marine habitats

One of many actions:  Tracks and monitors marine fish life to identify various trends in habitat formation.



Wyland Foundation

Mission: to inspire people to a great awareness of our ocean planet