Pool Hours


The pool is open during the following hours:


Monday-Thursday 6am-7:30pm
Friday  6am-5:30pm
Saturday 9am-5:30pm
Sunday           Closed (seasonal 10am-2pm)


The pool has 4 lanes.  Reserve a lane ahead of time and enjoy having the lane all to yourself.


When swim classes are not in session all 4 lanes are available for members to reserve.


When swim classes are in session:

  • 2 lanes are used for lessons.

  • 1 lane is used by students who are members to practice after class.

  • 1 lane is available for members to reserve.

You may reserve a lane up to one week in advance.

You will have the lane to yourself (and whomever you invite to join you).

You may do anything in the lane...swim laps, walk, snorkel, splash around     


Our class schedule fluctuates with each season.