Gear & Reg Service

Basic Service Charges and FAQ


Service Cost Comments
Visual Inspection $15.00 Tanks must be visually inspected annually. A visual inspection requires that the internal surfaces be observed and the neck and threads of the tank be checked for cracks. Aluminum cylinders are subjected to a Visual Plus™ eddy current test as well as a visual check. The contents of the tank (air, nitrox, oxygen, trimix or argon) will dictate the standards for cleanliness. Rust or Aluminum Oxide corrosion will typically need to be cleaned by either a physical brushing or tumbling or chemical wash (see below). NOTE: There is a $10 service charge for VIP's on doubles which covers the added labor required to properly disassemble and reassemble the bolts, bands and manifold.
Hydrostatic Test $50.00 Hydrostatic testing is done by our staff at another facility and includes a visual inspection. Hydros are required by federal law every five years. Prior to hauling your tank off we will give it a preliminary visual check. If we feel the tank cannot pass a viaual we will not allow it to go to hydro, this save us time and you money. The hydrostatic test measures the integrity of the metal the cylinder is constructed from. During the process teh tank is filled with water at a pressure 5/3 the working pressure of the tank (a standard Aluminum 80 with a working pressure of 3000psi is tested at 5000psi!!!) The metal is watched for expansion and contraction and must stay within strict tolerances.
Tank Cleaning Variable Cleaning of corrosion from the inside of tanks is a must for steel tanks and highly reccomended for aluminum. Cleaning can be done with metal bristle brushes attached to a high speed drill, tumbling while filled with an abrisive polishing compound, or chemical washes. Depending on the extent of corrosion the cost of the cleaning will vary. Qualified Swim and Scuba technicians will advise you on any cleaning and its potential outcome before we attempt to do any of it on your tank.
Gas Fills See Chart Swim and Scuba is a full service fill station capable of filling tanks to meet the demands of all divers. We utilize partial pressure blending to mix gas and are able to custom blend any nitrox or trimix you desire. We always have banked oxygen, helium, argon and air. We request that you allow us some time to mix gas for you so we can give your fill our utmost attention, we will do our best to fill walkins in a timely fashion but cannot guarantee five minute fills in the middle of the season, pleae be patient with us we get real busy.
Regulator Service Variable Regulators are life support equipment and should be checked by a qualified technician annually. Swim and Scuba techs are certified by the manufacturers to work on all makes and models of regulators. We use top of the line parts and procedures during the service of your gear. A typical regulator service include the disassembly of the first and any attached second stage regulators as well as pressure gauges. All o-rings are removed, the parts are ultrasonically cleaned, then dried and inspected for damgage. Finally new o-rings are installed using the appropriate lubricant, and the system is reassembled and put back to factory specifications. Each regulator is tested multiple times before it is released to you. When you pick it up we will ask that you test it yourself to insure that it is functioning properly. Because of the vast differences between different makes and models of regulators costs are difficult to estimate. Parts can range from fully warranteed to almost $60.00 while labor can vary from $45.00-$65.00 depending on the complexity of the regulator.
Computer Service Variable Computer service is typically simple, we check the voltage on the batteries, generally using the computers own power up self test. If they are low, we will change the batteries, and service the o-ring on the battery compartment. Some higher end units have potted batteries where the battery compartment is filled with a non-conductive gel to insure that flooding will not damage the electronics. Potted batteries take a couple of days to change, but are becoming less common.
How Long Is This Going To Take Service times are typically as follows: Regualtors and BCD's 2 Weeks
Tanks VIP or Hydro 1-2 Weeks
How Much Will it Cost to Rent... Swim and Scuba has an up to date fleet of rental gear. Our supply is limited and things go quickly during the season so come in early and check your gear out ASAP. Check the Rental Rates.