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Divemaster The first step into the professional side of recreational diving.  This leadership level allows you show people what it is you love about diving!   Swim Instructor Save lives by teaching adults and children to swim.  American Red Cross WSI requested, but not required.  Only responsible, upbeat people need apply.
Assistant Instructor The bridge between Divemaster and Instructor.  Allows you to teach on your own with instructor supervision. Lifeguard We need YOU to keep our pool safe. Current Nassau County Certification and CPR for the Professional Rescuer (or equivalent) required.  
Instructor Pass on the knowledge you've acquired to eager students.  Enjoy seeing their excited faces as they master each skill! Water Aerobics Instructor Help people get healthy and fit in the water.  Aquatic Exercise Association  certification requested, but not required.
Sales Associate Are you a diver who's interested in the business end of SCUBA?  Join the Swim and Scuba Sales Team today! Arthritis Foundation Program Leader Lead arthritis patients on the road to comfort and mobility.  Arthritis Foundation Exercise Association certification required.

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